Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Today while I was unpacking upstairs I found a hidden room in our house.

We had access to what we believed was just a small crawlspace in the back of a closet upstairs and I removed the panel today to see if there was room there to store some books. I was shocked to find a good sized room hidden away behind the panel.

Okay, the ceilings are low and there are no floorboards, but it's totally a secret room.
And when we do get around to doing projects in this house, we're SO making that access panel a secret bookcase entrance to the secret room.


  1. Okay, first off:
    NO PROJECTS! NO! No Projects.
    Second off:
    Best. Discovery. Ever.

    1. I knew you would understand, Brian. :)

      The plans for this room are to simply lay insulation and plywood on the floor and install a vent, then it will be used for storing things like Christmas decorations and clothes. Not food storage.
      It will also work if we ever need a place to put a house elf. We've already dubbed it "Dobby's Room."
      No projects.