Friday, June 22, 2012

The Park

Oh my word, it is so hot here.
Holy Cow.
You know it's just too hot when you finally give in and take your kids to the neighborhood park and they last 10 minutes.

I've seen my kids play in the snow, rain and the Arizona summer sun for hours and ten minutes of this humidity kicked their butts.
This park is just around the corner,  for those who think we're living in a concrete jungle, most of the state looks like this. There is a creek that runs through it and I plan to have some serious wading time with the kids this there. It's actually gorgeous.
It's justvery  muggy.

They say on the news it's unseasonably hot and the weekend should be better.
It feels like Texas to me and while there are people I love in Texas, it always felt like an armpit outside to me.

It's really hot and humid.
Thankfully, there are frozen yogurt places on every corner here and it's the perfet remedy for this sticky hot weather.
Salted caramel pretzel for-yo.
I know.

Dare I say I love it as much as I loved Leatherby's in Taylorsville?

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