Friday, June 29, 2012

Not HGTV Worthy

Let me start by saying this is NOT about projects.
If I say it on the blog, that makes it true.

In our last house, we started out with red and black carpets and lavendar walls in the family room.
The kitchen had bright orange formica counters and the main floor carpets were baby poop brown.
It was ghastly.
My favorite neutral color pallete was perfect for the house and made it feel updated and comfortable.
(We sold the Utah house, BTW. I'll post about that later)
One thing I appreciate about this house is that all of the walls have *my* colors.
But they do need some oomph.
I LOVED my accent wall in the Utah house.

I now have a house that has some charming trim and details, but a  the spaces need something more.

This area is driving my designer wanna be brain nuts.
It is too small of a space to have it be a living room and a dining room and I don't want that anyway.
I want it to all be one living room.
It is an open space, but every wall has either a window, a radiator or a doorway and there is no focal point or natural layout for furniture.
I want the focal point to be in the 'dining' half of the room, so it pulls it all together, but every time I start mapping out furniture or plotting decor, I can't seem to find what will work to make it comfortable and modern.
I painted a border on the alcove thing/ wall and planned to do a bold accent wall on the back wall leading to the kitchen, but I'm not so sure. If I make the pattern too busy or bold, I'm hilighting what- the closet door and entry to the kitchen?
That doesn't seem right.
I'm open to suggestions, I'm begging for them, in fact.

I want this narrow room to feel like one living room.
 Eventually we'll buy furniture that fits in this space exactly and move the sofa upstairs, but the light brown chair stays because it has a high sentimental value aspect for me.   The rug will go, as will the DI coffee table for sure.
View from the kitchen side:

  The dark grey stripeI painted.


I took that picture and figured that doing the dishes might help me to get a vision for the space.
It didn't, but I did clean up the mess.
Tomorrow, Matt and I are going to the city, just the two of us.
We plan to visit this place:

We're also  going to look into getting tickets to take the kids to see this:

Harvey is one of my favorites.
So is Jim Parsons.
I can't believe I live here.

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