Monday, June 18, 2012

The "New" Olsons

Happy Father's Day to my Sweetums Matthew.
I love you more and more every day.
It doesn't hurt that you're hot.
It was a quiet one this time, only two of the kids were home. It was still nice and you had a great day.
There were gifts.

Pirate Flux, from Jane
Have you ever played Flux? We got it for Christmas last year, it's pretty fun and almost as nerdy as Settlers of Catan.

The latest Nicholas Flemel book. I think this is book five.
 Matt Emma and Kate have read them, but I only read the first one.

We didn't have proper wrapping paper, but we have tons of paper from the move, so Romy decorated it.

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. 
He started reading it today.

What sorcery is this?
It's his gift from me- the NFL Sunday ticket package for Direct TV.
 Every Sunday in thr season, every football game. 
Expect posts about scrap booking in November, when I'm hiding from this present.

There were snuggles from kids who are never going to be too big for it, I hope.

And afterwards, we all got dressed and headed out to our new ward in New Jersey. 
We were all kind of nervous.
The chapel was different. It was all blue green and there are huge windows that let in the sunshine. There were so many families with kids of all ages and a lot of people who are our age. We had a lot of really nice people introduce themselves and ask about our family, a lot of them asked if we were there temporarily because they get a lot of people who are there for internships and then when the summer or semester is over, they fly away somewhere else.
We looked at the program and saw this:

The final speaker was Matt Olson. 

We started to chuckle and remembered that we had moved into the 'other" Matt Olson's same ward. He also works for AMEX and is also LDS and for years he and Matt have been getting one another's emails from people at work. As we were smiling about that, the man behind us tapped us on the back and said "we have another Matt Olson in the ward, but his family is moving next week, that's why they're speaking today."
I nodded and said "Ah yes, there can be only one...."
The nerd joke was well received, we're going to be just fine here.

And we are going to be just fine. 

It's not going to happen overnight, but we will be okay.

At church today I felt that familiar spirit, that feeling of "home" in my soul and even though I feel like I am on another planet, that spirit embraced my heart and reminded me that home isn't a physical place. Home is where your spirit finds peace, where love is and all of those other cheese ball things you hear.
During sacrament meeting, I felt that spirit of home. I felt the comforter and I felt peace in a way I haven't felt since we stepped off the airplane in Newark a few weeks ago.

Mostly, it was great to just be there in church, to sit with those who shared my faith, who 'spoke the language' and who had more in common with us than anyone else we've come across here in this strange new place. It was great to feel that same Holy Ghost I've felt so many times in Taylorsville, to see the same light in the eyes of people that I probably took for granted in Utah. It was great to know that even if they didn't know the kids, that my children were finally meeting people who were helping them feel that familiar feeling they had been missing.
We felt safe, we felt peace, we felt normal.
Heck, I even got asked to teach Relief Society next week.
This means I can start my tradition of bringing a hug bowl of chocolate to Relief Society here, too. 
I always enjoy walking down the hall after I teach a lesson and offering candy to the husbands and seeing them light up because they never have treats in Priesthood meeting.

When I went to the foyer to find the kids after class was over, Greyson came bounding down the hall and he had the biggest smile on his face. "Mom, there are 13 Deacons in my class and NO GIRLS in Sunday School. The kids here in this ward are great because they are just as weird as me!" 

After two full weeks of holding my breath, I let myself exhale.
He had a good experience.
He knew it was going to be okay.

Romy came out of class soon after and she was grinning from ear to ear, too.
 "This is a good ward, Mom, we picked a good ward. I have two new friends already!"
Grey chimed in "Yeah, this is a good ward, we made a good choice."

And there you have it.
It's going to be okay.
I'm sure I'll have plenty more Sariah in the wilderness moments, but today was a gift and because God is such a loving father who cares about all of his children, even silly ones who move to crazy places like New Jersey, I know there will be more gifts and more good days where everything is okay.


  1. Prayers were answered yesterday for many of us.

  2. I just love reading your blog! I am so happy to hear that you are feeling at HOME that makes all the difference. As for Sariah; Honey you are not alone..... I have been having moments too. I have one sister n law that told me the other day what a rotten person I am for ever having doubts about God or his plan for me. I am a believer I just lack faith I want to do it all by myself. Anywho.... Can't wait to hear more about your new adventures. Happy Belated Father's day Stick
    Wishing you all the best

  3. Well, I'm trying to be mad that we are so easily replaced (jk). I love the "homeness" of the Gospel. I've felt it in Utah, California, Ireland, and even Illinois. Home is where the heart it's. Corny but true, and aren't we really glad it is?

  4. So glad you guys had a good day! What a relief!

  5. I Love reading your blog too! Glad you are feeling a bit more at ease, it will settle eventually - It just hit me last week that I am not just on vacation and going back to Taylorsville.